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Ways to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth Over the Holiday Season

While it may feel like a contradiction, we believe it’s possible to prioritize your health and have fun over the holiday season. It’s common for someone managing type 2 diabetes to sit by with envy while others indulge in sugary treats, but with a few simple swaps, you can have your dessert and keep your levels in check.

Here are foods that will satisfy you, without sacrificing your health:


Consuming fruit in moderation can be your best bet. Not only are fruits full of vitamins that your body craves, they also contain stabilizing fiber. Try making things more interesting by adding plain yogurt so that you can indulge in a fruit parfait.


Who says chocolate has to be off-limits? Dark chocolate, as opposed to milk or white versions, is actually lower in sugar and high on the plant nutrient flavanol. Enjoy in moderation.


If you’re craving a cool dessert, blend up unsweetened almond milk, fruit, and flaxseed or chia seeds for a healthy “milkshake.”

Sugar-free gelatin or pudding:

While this dessert doesn’t offer many nutritional benefits, it’s a safe way to keep your sugar intake low and your sweet tooth satisfied. Try topping with a dollop of cream for an added treat.

Low-carb desserts: 

Whip up a low-carb take on one of your favorite desserts for the satisfaction without the sugar.

With a few sweet swaps, it is possible to stay both healthy and satisfied this holiday season. Check out or your Level2 app for more tips and tricks around staying on track this holiday season.