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Partners when type 2 diabetes patients need it most.

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Level2 partners with providers to help people overcome the impact of type 2 diabetes.

Level2 is modern type 2 diabetes care. We partner with providers to help members work to lower their average blood glucose, with the goal of improving their condition.

With the help of fresh glucose insights and empowering tools, backed by expert support & clinical care — all working together to give patients new hope and take new action.

Insight is invaluable.

Providers are able to access up-to-date patient progress, including continuous glucose monitor (CGM) data, weekly patterns and curves, time in range and estimated A1C by using device-specific apps. (Table is illustrative only.)

Level2 members achieve outcomes quickly.

AMONG 378 adult members of level2 within a 24-week period:

  • 77% of people with a starting A1C > 7.0 had a clinically meaningful improvement (defined as change >0.5) in GMI (metric for estimated A1C)
  • 94% of people with a starting A1C > 7.0 improved, with an average GMI reduction of 2.6.
  • Average GMI reduced from 7.7 to 7.0.


Sam Bacon, Nels Thompson, David Ferrell, Jason Fung; 943-P: Improved Glycemic Outcomes after One Year among Level 2 Members. Diabetes 20 June 2023; 72 (Supplement_1): 943–P.


We’re in it

Level2 is modern type 2 diabetes care helping members work to lower their average blood glucose with a goal of reversing type 2 diabetes as defined by the American Diabetes Association.

We provide a personalized care team of physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses, coaches, care coordinators, dietitians and others for support along the way. We also team up with members’ local providers across the country on patient care and share regular reports on patient progress.

See what Level2 can do for your patients.