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Overcome the impact of type 2 diabetes.

Type 2 diabetes can be improved. We help people overcome its impact.

Today there’s scientific evidence for treating type 2 diabetes differently. It’s less about managing a chronic, progressive disease and more about improving a state of excess glucose.

Yet even with this evidence, millions are still stuck with traditional symptom management, allowing type 2 diabetes to progress with devastating impact.

We’re Level2 and we seek to improve a reversible condition of excess glucose in the body. We help people see and understand what negatively impacts their glucose.

Our work inspires action, helps restore health, and most importantly, overcome the impact of type 2 diabetes.


Level2 believes no one should settle for living with a reversible condition.

Meet the Level2 Leadership Team

  • Jim Conlin

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Dr. Dave Moen


    Executive Director of Clinical Affairs

  • Tom Wisted

    President & Chief Operating Officer

  • Dr. Jason Fung


    Chief Clinical Advisor

  • Brant Haenel


  • Libby King MacFarlane

    MBA, MS-Global Health

    Vice President of Strategy & Emerging Products