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Level2 offers real financial solutions:




The type 2 program that assures employers realize value:

  • 100% of program fees reconciled against actual medical and pharmacy claims savings.
  • If actual value generated is less than paid program fees, Level2 gives back the difference.
  • Employers can add to most UnitedHealthcare administered plans.

Level2 also offers a condition-specific health plan that guarantees savings up front, through assuming risk of the families living with type 2 diabetes.

Great care makes it all possible.

Level2 Specialty Care is an evidence-based clinical program that helps members work to lower glucose to improve type 2 and even pursue what the ADA defines as remission.

Members have access to:

  • A no-cost continuous glucose monitor (CGM) to see glucose in new ways.
  • Virtual care team of doctors, nurse practitioners, nurses and more to build new habits and feel better.
  • Phase based experience to understand what impacts their glucose.
“The leading technology and specialized clinical support that Level2 offers is truly a win-win for both the health of our employees with type 2 diabetes and the potential long-term cost savings of our organization.”

Loren Kennedy

Senior VP of Human Resources at World Travel Holdings, a global travel company that adopted Level2.

Ready to see what the Level2 financial solutions could do for you?

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