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1CDC, National and State Diabetes Trends, 2022
2CDC, Employers and Worksites, 2022

Level2 works because it’s different.

We transfer the risk of your employee population living with type 2 diabetes while maintaining your self-insured status.


Offers a benefits-rich, comprehensive health plan designed to save employees money and provides access to a no-cost CGM with coaching and clinical support.

Get guaranteed savings of up to 6% over 3 years compared to your projected claim costs and gain financial predictability.

Employees engage and feel better: 90% of employees who choose the Level2 Health Plan join Level2 Specialty Care, and Level2 Specialty Care has a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 82. 

“The leading technology and specialized clinical support that Level2 offers is truly a win-win for both the health of our employees with type 2 diabetes and the potential long-term cost savings for our organization.”

Loren Kennedy

Senior VP of Human Resources at World Travel Holdings, a global travel company that adopted Level2.

Imagine a community of healthy employees and reduced healthcare costs.

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