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Do type 2 differently.

Level2 is modern care that can help you work to lower your average blood glucose and improve your type 2 diabetes. We offer fresh insights on your glucose and virtual clinical care — all backed by expert support and empowering tools. Here’s what Level2 members experience:


  • Insights
    Learn about your glucose as you start with a no additional cost continuous glucose monitor and find out what works for you.

  • Care Team
    Made up of coaches, providers, dietitians and other experts to guide you through Level2.

  • Level2 Method
    A defined process to understand and improve glucose control in a series of phases.

Level2 Specialty Care

is included with the Level2 Health Plan by UnitedHealthcare and other select health plans. When you join, you get no extra cost access to…


After joining Level2 Specialty Care, you may be eligible to begin with a no additional cost continuous glucose monitor (CGM). This wearable device helps you see your glucose without fingersticks every day. Then you can begin to work with your Level2 team to understand and improve it. For example, a bowl of cereal might send your glucose skyrocketing but for someone else, it’s just a bump.

Care Team

Level2 Specialty Care provides you with virtual access to a care team of experts including providers, nurses, registered dietitians and coaches. Your care team guides you to understanding your glucose, build new habits and work toward feeling better. Oh, and you can reach out to them anytime through the Level2 Health app!

Level2 Method

The Level2 Method is a comprehensive approach to improving glucose control based on guidance from the American Diabetes Association (ADA). You will work with your Level2 care team through defined phases to understand what impacts your glucose so you can work to improve it and feel better. Together, we’ll learn — and unlearn — to form new habits, overcome obstacles and celebrate wins!

What’s different about Level2?
We start with glucose.

You will have the opportunity to see your glucose in real time by starting with a no additional cost continuous
glucose monitor (CGM) that we’ll teach you to use. To change something, you first need to see it:
Measuring and understanding glucose is the key to improving it.

If you have type 2 diabetes, you know what excess glucose feels like – from feeling exhausted to experiencing pain and more. And since it’s linked to other serious health conditions, you might also be worried about what it means for your future.

But it doesn’t have to be like that. You can learn to see type 2 differently: Not as a condition that needs to be managed but as one that can be improved by reducing glucose. You can even work toward what the American Diabetes Association (ADA) defines as remission from type 2 diabetes. We want you to feel new hope and freedom from type 2.

What to expect next

Visit to sign up for Level2 Specialty Care. We’ll learn a bit more about you, like where to send your setup kit, which includes your CGM.

Download the Level2 Health app to connect with your virtual care team. This includes your dedicated coach and access to a team of clinical professionals.

Connect and wear your CGM to unlock new insights about your body. Your care team will be able to see your data, too, and offer recommendations unique to you.

Work with your care team to improve your glucose with the Level2 Method. We can’t wait to hear how you feel in a few short months.

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