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Remission is possible.

(Yes, we said “remission”.)

Our mission is to eradicate type 2 diabetes by helping each member find their personalized path to remission. It’s not about managing symptoms — we work to treat the root cause.


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Technology empowers our members.

Get real-time insights on your glucose levels

See how actions can affect your glucose

Share your data with your health provider


$0 Continuous Glucose Monitor*

A constant pulse on your glucose.

See how eating, moving, sleeping and stress affect glucose levels in real time.

*Continuous Glucose Monitors prescribed by Level2 clinicians as clinically indicated have a $0 cost to the member.


$0 Fitbit® Activity Tracker

Make better choices about when and how to move.

Track steps, movement and even sleep.


The Level2 Health App

Build healthy habits for life.

A one-stop shop for care team connection, CGM insights, lessons, tips and more.

A team that cares.

All members are assigned a virtual care team of type 2 diabetes experts.

The Level2 care team is the true differentiator for Level2 members.

And we work with your current health providers to offer Level2 Specialty Care.

By definition, remission is an A1C of less than 6.5%, at least three months after stopping diabetes medications.   See consensus report

But this is what remission really looks like:

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Level2 members experience life-changing results.*

Reduce/eliminate meds

Feel better with more energy

Learn lifelong habits for better metabolic health

Take control of type 2, not the other way around

*Level2 does not guarantee any individual can achieve remission, nor any other specific health outcomes