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Do type 2 differently.

Meet modern care.

Level2 members work to lower their average blood glucose with tools and expert support to improve (not just manage), type 2 diabetes.


Adult couple holding hands and walking in park.

Discover ways to improve your glucose.

Get real-time CGM insights

See how actions can affect your glucose

Share your data with your health provider


Continuous Glucose Monitor*

Get a constant pulse on your glucose.

See how eating, moving, sleeping and stress affect glucose levels in real time — at no cost to you.

*Requires compatible smartphone. There are other methods of participating in Level2 Specialty Care as clinically appropriate. Continuous Glucose Monitors prescribed by Level2 clinicians as clinically indicated have a $0 cost to the member.


Activity Tracker

Make better choices about when and how to move.

Track steps, movement and even sleep.


The Level2 Health App

Build healthy habits for life.

Your go-to for one-on-one coaching, care team access, lessons, tips and more.

Care that has your back.

All members are assigned a virtual care team of type 2 diabetes experts, ready to help you as you work to improve your health.

You may only see your PCP a few times a year, but your Level2 care team is always around.

Your team may include physicians, nurse practitioners, registered dietitians, all with the same goal — to help you reach yours.

Small steps lead to big results.

Sam Bacon, Nels Thompson, David Ferrell, Jason Fung; 943-P: Improved Glycemic Outcomes after One Year among Level 2 Members. Diabetes 20 June 2023; 72 (Supplement_1): 943–P.


Members find new freedom with Level2.

Learn lifelong habits for better metabolic health

Gain control and confidence

Feel better with more energy

Work with us to improve your type 2