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Undo Your Type 2

At Level2, we believe type 2 diabetes is not a chronic disease but a reversible state. Level2 can show you the way.

A1C Levels

Contrary to popular belief
(and maybe even your doctor’s):

Drugs aren’t the only way to treat type 2.


Yes, there’s a way to reverse

Your Type 2

with your


When we get you started with a continuous glucose monitor (CGM), you get real-time insight into how your body responds to glucose, and how your environment and choices can make an impact.

with your

Small Steps

We also give you personalized steps to turn your type 2 around — like what and when to eat along with simple activities to move your body and keep your glucose in a steady, healthy range.

with your

Your Level2
Care Team

You are never alone. A virtual care team of doctors, nurse practitioners, nurses, coaches and registered dietitians work with you and your current provider to keep you motivated and supported along the entire journey.

See Our Approach

And it’s working for
thousands of others,
just like you.



He’s reduced his meds from three to one, lost over 70 pounds and lowered his A1C to less than 6.0.


She’s lowered her A1C to less than 6.0, eliminated all her meds, lost 50 pounds and achieved type 2 remission.

Find your personalized path to remission.

Get a taste of the Level2 experience.

Undo Your Type 2

If your employer doesn’t offer the Level2 health plan or Level2 benefit, we can help:

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