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9 Ideas for Staying Healthy While Traveling

two people in a car on a roadtrip vacation

Just because you’re going on vacation or hitting the road doesn’t mean abandoning all the healthy habits you have at home. Here are nine ideas to help you feel good and keep your glucose in check while away:  
 1. Plan ahead. If you are driving, pack a cooler with pre-made meals and snacks. Here is a list of 20 healthy low-carb snacks that travel as well as you do!  
2. Cook your own meals as much as possible. Buy fresh ingredients from a local grocery store, or use a shopping app like Instacart® to have your groceries delivered.  
3. Learn to be a careful reader of labels and ingredients. Need a tutorial on label reading? Read this article 
4. Eating at restaurants? Keep the four tips from this video in mind.  
5. Prioritize. Prioritize where you want to eat the most calories or carbohydrates. Choose one meal or portion of your meal to splurge on. Balance the rest with protein and vegetables.  
6. Veggies always. Eat vegetables with every meal.  
7. Consider order. The order in which you eat your food matters. Watch this video to learn more.  
8. Consult your smart phone. Use websites and apps to find diabetes-friendly restaurants.  
9. Stay active. Stand up, stretch or walk around as often as possible. If you are on a long car journey, borrow a few ideas for exercises from truck drivers who find ways to exercise while they are on the road.