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6 Ways to Stay Active During Special Occasions

Woman running to stay active

No matter what holidays you celebrate, they often come along with special events, delicious foods and memorable meals with family and friends. So, how can you celebrate and continue to keep your glucose in check? Staying active and intentionally adding more movement to the days your celebrating will help improve your glucose.

Here are six tips for staying active when you know you’re going to be celebrating: 

1. Tidying up gets your heart rate up 
Need a simple way to get moving? Start cleaning! If you haven’t already, start incorporating a cleaning task after mealtime. Activities like washing dishes, cleaning counters and sweeping after a big meal are great ways to stay active. If you have pets or messy kiddos, consider scheduling routine time in the morning and evening for cleaning. If you’re hosting family or friends for your upcoming special occasion, your place will already be super-clean.
2. Go for a brisk walk  
Walking after eating is a great way to keep glucose in check. Don’t worry, you don’t have to power walk for an hour after every meal to reap the benefits. Just a 15-minute walk around your neighborhood will do the trick. Have a dog? You can take your furry friend with you or even schedule your meals around their daily walks. 
3. Don’t park so close to your destination
Do you usually opt for the closest parking spot you can find? It’s time to switch things up! Consider parking farther away when you’re running errands; it’ll make it easier to find parking and you’ll get some steps in! Pro tip: If you’re rocking an activity tracker or similar app, use it to track your steps (and don’t forget to give yourself a non-food reward for hitting those milestones). If you’re taking the bus or train, hop off at the next stop and walk from there.
4. Take a class 
Being active is even better when you have a fun class to attend. Depending on your body’s needs and what your provider advises, you could try dance, cycling or yoga. Are you looking to sweat? A dance or cycling class will get your heart rate up – plus there’s music! Or try a yoga class to help reduce anxiety, stress and strengthen muscles. Feel free to attend a live class or find one for free on YouTube.
5. Get active with a family competition 
Who doesn’t love a little friendly competition? Make getting active a family affair! If you have family or close friends visiting you, create a 3-4 day challenge where everyone can participate. Remind house guests to pack workout clothes and comfortable shoes. Challenge idea: Set a goal to walk/run 1 mile every evening.
6. Participate in a holiday or special event run 
Whether it’s for a local charity or organization, fun running events are often held around various holidays. From one-mile to 10k runs, there’s something for every level of fitness. You also don’t have to run the entire event, walking is just fine. Ask a family member or friend to join in for extra motivation. Don’t see a fun run around the holiday you celebrate? Organize your own with your family or friends who are also celebrating.