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Risk of Hypoglycemia: List of Medications

Certain classes of drugs can put you at a higher risk for dangerously low glucose while doing time restricted eating. These classes of medication are insulins, sulfonylureas and meglitinides. Below are some common medications that fall within these three classes of drugs, but the list is not comprehensive. It is even more important if you are taking any drug in one of these three classes to consult with your health care provider before trying time restricted eating.


Glipizide (Glucotrol)
Glipizide extended release (Glucotrol XL)
Glyburide (Diabeta, Glynase, PresTabs)
Glimepiride (Amaryl)


Repaglinide (Prandin)
Nateglinide (Starlix)


Glipizide and metformin (Metaglip)
Glyburide and metformin (Glucovance)
Repaglinide and metformin (Prandimet)
Pioglitazone and glimepiride (Duetact)
Repaglinide and metformin (Prandimet)
Rosiglitazone and glimepiride (Avandaryl)


Rapid Acting:
Aspart (Novolog)
Aspart Recombivant (Fiasp)
Glulisine (Apidra)
Insulin Human Inhalation Powder (Afreeza)
Insulin lispro-aabc (Lyumjev)
Lispro (Humalog, Admelog)
Short Acting:
Regular (Humulin R, Novolin R)
Intermediate Acting:
NPH (Humulin N, Novolin N)
Long acting:
Degludec (Tresiba)
Detemir (Levemir)
Glargine (Lantus, Basaglar, Toujeo, Toujeo Max)
Highly Concentrated:
Insulin Human Regular (Humulin R U-500)
NPH and Regular (Humulin 70/30, Novolin 70/30)
Lispro Protamine and lispro (Humalog Mix 75/25)
Lispro Protamine and lispro (Humalog Mix 50/50)
Aspart Protamine and aspart (Novolog Mix 70/30)
Degludec and aspart (Ryzodeg 70/30)
Degludec and liraglutide (Xultophy)
Lixisenatide and glargine (Soliqua)