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Level2 Member Trevis: ‘From 8.2 to 6.9’

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Trevis’ Level2 Story

Trevis tried to get his type 2 diabetes under control for several years. Making progress on his own was difficult. Before Level2, he was 204 pounds with an 8.2 A1C.

“Since joining Level2, I have achieved a lower A1C. It has gone from 8.2 to 6.9 in a matter of about eight months. I have achieved a lower weight. I’ve gone from 204 pounds down to 178 pounds. I have become more active and overall I’m feeling a lot better about myself,” Trevis says.

With the right tools and support from his Level2 care team reaching small goals became easier.

“Joining Level2 is a great decision. The expert care team, the Fitbit® and the continuous glucose monitor (CGM) – all of these things are just wonderful tools that have helped me achieve my goals,” he states.

Best of all, Trevis is still enjoying the foods he loves. He isn’t depriving himself and he’s more mindful about meal portion sizes with the help of his CGM.

“I really have not deprived myself of any foods, but I’ve learned, through Level2 and through the tools that I have now, to eat more sensible portions. I’ve noticed when I eat something like pasta . . . I LOVE pasta . . . that it causes my sugar levels to spike. If I can look at the data from the CGM and find out that my blood sugar is spiking, I can immediately exercise and suddenly my glucose starts to drop,” he says.

Trevis’ success goes beyond lower A1C numbers –– he feels great and he’s motivated!

“Beyond the metrics, I would say that the successes that I’ve had are really about the way I feel about myself, feeling healthier, feeling more inspired, even feeling like I can help other people,” he mentions.

In the future, Trevis sees himself continuing to lower his A1C. One cause for his remarkable progress is setting small goals and focusing on achieving each goal before continuing on to the next. 

“In the future, I definitely see an improved life with type two diabetes. I even see remission. Now that I have the right tools I believe my A1C will be even lower the next time that I visit my physician.”

“I have throughout this journey made very small goals and as I achieved one, then I set another. Then I set another and then I set another. And throughout the time, these small goals have made a huge impact,” he adds.

For those thinking about joining the program, Trevis says “do it” and most of all, trust the process.