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Level2 Member Tara: ‘I Was at a Low Point’

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Tara’s Level2 Story

Being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes was one of the toughest days of Tara’s life. She questioned how she would feed her family and feared she would never get a chance to eat sweets again –– everything felt very final.
Once she joined Level2 she was able to see her type 2 diagnosis from a different lens. Instead of removing everything she loves to eat, she now enjoys her favorite foods in moderation.
“Level 2 is about balance. It’s not about giving everything up. On your own, I think balance is really hard to achieve, but when you have coaching and the things that Level 2 offers, I think it’s definitely within your grasp,” says Tara.
Tara has since made incredible progress. She’s now eating better and feeling more energetic. She’s even sleeping better at night because she no longer has multiple late-night bathroom trips. Most of all, her A1C is down and she reduced her meds.
“My friends have also noticed a difference in my outlook and how I look,” she says. “They said that I look much happier and more settled, and I know it’s because I finally have my health back and under control.”
Tara was often frustrated with traveling to her doctor’s office, which took up to 30-45 minutes.
Having the support of her Level2 care team right from her phone made a huge difference in Tara’s progress. With Level2 she’s able to check in regularly with her coach who encourages her through the process.
“Having a coach to talk to is a big accountability factor. When I was at a low point, I was feeling discouraged. Having a coach to talk me through that and encourage me helps me shake out of it when I get down,” she shares.
“New members, make sure to plug right into your coach. That was important. First of all, I had a lot to learn. I was on a big learning curve at that point. As you start out, there’s a lot of trial and error that a coach can help you through so that you understand it,” she adds. “I mean, personal coaching is a huge deal. And your coach is on your side. So right away, you want to build that relationship.”
Tara says she’s proud of herself for sticking with Level2. It’s easy for her to stay motivated now that her numbers are in a healthier range.
“Anytime that you make a change, there are going to be hills and valleys. At least I’ve experienced it that way. But the reward for that is huge,” she says.
In the future Tara knows remission is a possibility –– something she didn’t know was an option when she was first diagnosed.
“I know that if I would have had Level2 right at the beginning I could have made a difference much faster. I’ve been able to get off some of my medication, and my blood sugar is stabilizing,” she says. “I’m losing weight. I’m feeling better and there’s hope, and it’s not a final sentence. Type 2 diabetes is not a final sentence. It is a fact that you can have remission. You need to try it out.”