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How to Contact Your Level2 Care Team and Member Support

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Level2 Hours of Operation 

Care Team  
US Standard time 8am-8 pm M-Th (local time) 
Friday 8am – 6:30pm (local time)  
Member Support 
Monday 7am-8pm CT 
Tuesday 7am-8pm CT 
Wednesday 7am-8pm CT 
Thursday 7am-8pm CT 
Friday 7am-8pm CT 
Saturday 9am-3pm CT 

Holiday 2022 Day Observed 

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Monday, January 17: Closed 
Memorial Day Monday, May 30: Closed 
Independence Day Monday, July 4: Closed 
Labor Day Monday, September 5: Closed 
Thanksgiving Day Thursday, November 24: Closed 
Day after Thanksgiving Day Friday, November 25: Closed 
Christmas Day Friday, December 23: Closed 

Contacting Your Care Team 

To contact your care team, you can use the chat function found within the Level2 app and send us a message.  
Once you download the Level2 app you should receive a note from your coach within 48 hours. If you haven’t heard from your care team no worries, just send a message in the chat! 
You can also schedule appointments by sending a message in the chat tab. 

Required State Notices

Some states require virtual clinics like Level2 to post state-specific information regarding telehealth. Find up-to-date Level2 Specialty Care Required Information by State here.

Contact Member Support 

Call 1-844-302-2821 TTY 711 
Support Website: LINK 
Submit a Ticket: LINK 
For questions or help on any of the following, call the Level2 Support team:  

  • Dexcom Issues (app, connectivity, replacements) 
  • Level2 app 
  • Fitbit 
  • Level2 incentives 
  • Connecting with our Level2 care team 
  • CGM sensor/transmitter replacements, application, readings, usage etc.  
  • Phone compatibility issues with apps and readings 

If you have questions about your UnitedHealthcare health plan, call the phone number on the back of your insurance card for any questions about your insurance coverage, copays, deductibles . 

What if I need to cancel an appointment/session? 

Calendar Coach: We know life happens and things can come up unexpectedly. If something comes up, please be sure to let your coach know using the Level2 chat as soon as you can.  
If you miss your confirmed appointment and haven’t notified your coach, they’ll send you a message asking you to reach out to them via chat or phone to reschedule with a new date and time that works better for you.  
If you don’t reach out, they will follow up with you. If they don’t hear back from you, they will continue to try to reach you to schedule a new time.  
Your coach is all about working with you and there’s several ways they can meet with you, like over the phone, a video recording, or through the Level2 chat.  
You also have the option to leave a voicemail. They’ll try to call you back and chat with you in the app to reschedule (yay, options).  
Nurse/ Provider: What if you need to cancel a meeting with your nurse or provider?  
Be sure to call 855-269-7555. We recommend cancelling or rescheduling at least 24 hours before the scheduled appointment.  

When should I use my care team vs. Level2 Support?

Care Team:  Imagine a small team of people who support you, cheer you on and work with you to help you achieve your goals. Well, your care team is just that. They’re a group of people in your corner, ready to help you make small changes to reach your goals through education, behavior change and accountability.  
When you join Level2, you’re assigned a coach who you’ll need to connect with via chat in the Level2 app to get started. Your coach will then set up a date and time to get to know you, your health goals and work together to create a plan to get you there (sweet!).  
If you’re already a Level2 member and you haven’t utilized your care team it’s not too late – no hard feelings. We are always excited to connect with you and we know how hectic life can get. If you still want to work with your care team, just send us a message in the Level2 app chat or call our support line: 1-844-302-2821 
Need to reach a specific team member like a registered dietitian, nurse or provider? Just let your coach know and she/he will connect you to the right person.  
If you aren’t currently working with a coach and want to meet with a specific care team member, you can also reach out to our support line or send a chat in the Level2 app.

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What is the best way to reach my care team? 

The best way to reach your care team is via the chat tab in the Level2 app. However, if you need to call your coach and leave a message, you can find the number and extension of your coach on the care team page.