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Game-Changing Tech in the Gameday Spotlight

Nick Jonas at Super Bowl for CGM

If you are a Level2 member tuning into the big game this Sunday, you might see an unexpectedly familiar object starring alongside a celebrity on the commercial break: A Dexcom G6 Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) – the leading-edge, wearable technology that is already available to Level2 members for free.
Dexcom’s CGM is a best-in-category device that is already helping Level2 members take control of their type 2 diabetes. The CGM helps better understand how their glucose levels react to a variety of factors, including diet, sleep and exercise so that they can learn how to make healthy changes, feel better, reduce medications, and even put their type 2 into remission.
The commercial features pop star and actor Nick Jonas, who was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at age 13.

Jonas fans who remember his Jonas Brothers 15-year-old hit “Year 3000” (a song featuring a high-tech time machine) will especially appreciate the spot. The commercial shows how technologies that once weren’t imaginable have become part of our daily lives. In the meantime, people with diabetes are stuck pricking their fingers to measure their glucose – a time-consuming and painful method developed in the 1970s.

‘People with Diabetes Deserve the Absolute Best Care’

“Too many people with diabetes suffer through painful, antiquated fingerpricks because they don’t know a better way exists,” Jonas told Business Wire. “I truly believe people with diabetes deserve the absolute best care, and that’s really the spirit of my first Super Bowl commercial. It means so much to me to bring this message of awareness and the need for improved CGM access to as many people with diabetes as possible.”

Watch the Game with Nick Jonas

Although celebrity-filled commercials are the norm for the big game, this year’s event is far from normal with the Covid-19 pandemic continuing to upend people’s lives. To accommodate the need to social distance and avoid large social gatherings, Dexcom also is offering an opportunity to “watch the game” with Nick Jonas through an interactive augmented reality experience.
Visit to see the commercial and find out how to watch the big game with Nick Jonas and learn more about how to change your life with a CGM on your path to remission at