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CGM Experiments: Your Scientific Lab Journal

chemistry lab set-up


Experiment Name
Breakfast of Champions?
Morning 1: Eat cereal, wait two hours.
Morning 2: Eat only eggs and bacon, wait two hours. What do you notice?
Are bananas as healthy as you think?
Eat a banana, wait two hours. After two hours, eat a half or small Snickers bar. What do you notice about the numbers on your CGM?
Late night snack
Night 1: Eat a treat (like a scoop of ice cream) right before bed.
Night 2: Stop eating 2 hours before bed.
Food order
Make notes about what you see at bedtime and in the morning.

At your next meal, start with the protein on your plate and follow with veggies and carbs. The following meal (which should be the same portion size as the first), start with carbs, follow with veggies and protein. What do you notice?

Which potato wins?
Try 1 medium sized baked sweet potato one night, then 1  medium sized regular baked  potato another.
Make notes each night.
White rice
vs. brown rice
Include a half cup of white rice with one meal, then have  a half cup of brown rice in your next meal. Make a note about the different numbers on your CGM.
Post-meal walk
Take a 10-15 minute activity break after your next meal (walking or dancing). Make a note about your CGM observations.
Soda vs. juice
Drink 12 o non-diet soda  and observe.
Then drink 12 oz orange juice and observe.
Simple carbs vs. complex carbs
Eat hard candy and watch, then eat a half donut or donut hole and observe.
Snack foods
Eat pretzels and observe. Eat peanuts and observe the CGM.
Insulin (if you use it)
Before or after a meal dosing or AM vs PM for basal insulin. Observe CGM and make a note.
Portion size
Pizza night 1: Eat two slices of pizza.
Pizza night 2: Eat three slices of pizza.
How do your CGM readings differ?
Store bought
vs home made
Eat the store-bought version of a food one  night, then make it yourself the next night. (Make sure the portions are similar.)