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An Announcement from Level2 about Intermittent CGM

Level2 Clinical Policy on CGMs

As our members continue to find success in Level2, our clinical team supports members by adjusting diabetes care to fit their needs. A continuous glucose monitor (CGM)is a device that gives visibility into how diet, movement and more affects glucose levels in real time.

Level2 members are provided a CGM to learn what works for their body to keep their glucose  in a healthy range. For some members, this may be a period of weeks, and for some members it might be more than a year. However, if clinical indicators show that a member no longer needs a CGM constantly (or at all), we will adjust a members’ utilization as clinically appropriate.

It’s our goal that as Level2 members work with our care teams, they gain knowledge, skills, healthy habits and routines that will help them return to their healthiest self — and they won’t need to rely on a CGM.

Many members look forward to a time when they don’t have to constantly monitor their glucose numbers and wear a device. We agree, and believe this is a fantastic goal as they become more in tune with their body’s signals and commit to a healthy new lifestyle. Our clinicians and care teams look forward to working with Level2 members to get them to the point of being able to wear a CGM intermittently.

If you would like to learn more about our clinic’s approach to CGM progress, please read this article.

Dave Moen MD

Dave Moen, M.D.
Executive Director of Clinical Affairs