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100% coverage means you could pay nothing for:

Type 2 Diabetes Medications and Supplies

Medications Like Supplies Like
Metformin Lancets
Ozempic Test Strips
Jardiance Syringes

All Primary Care Physician Visits

All primary care visits to Premium Care Physicians, plus $0 telehealth visits through HealthiestYou.

All Lab Work

Tests like
Glucose levels Kidney/renal function
Lipid panels

And P.S. No high deductible to meet means immediate savings.

See Level2 Health Plan Summary of Benefits and Coverage for full details, or call one of our specialists: 1-844-302-2821 (TTY 711). Level2 Health Plan enhanced benefits are earned by enrolling in Level2 Specialty Care and meeting the active participation requirements each quarter.

You get this 100% coverage starting Jan. 1,
and can keep it going by joining Level2 Specialty Care and wearing your no-cost continuous glucose monitor.

What does Level2 Specialty Care for type 2 diabetes mean?

Goodbye fingersticks! We get you started with a no-cost continuous glucose monitor (CGM) that tracks your glucose while helping you understand how to lower it.

Hello team! You get a Level2 care team of physicians, nurse practitioners, coaches, and registered dietitians who can help you improve your type 2 diabetes. And your Level2 care team will partner with your existing health providers.

A comprehensive plan with great benefits

With Level2 from UnitedHealthcare you get:

  • To choose from 1.3 million providers on the Choice network
  • To know your costs upfront with fixed-amount copays
  • A great plan for the whole family
    (not a high deductible plan!)

Is your current provider in network?

To see if your current primary care physician is in network, visit and click “Find a doctor.”

Level2 members saved


on average out-of-pocket care costs per year*

“It didn’t make much sense to stay on my old plan since this new one was tailored to type 2 diabetes. It was perfect. The cost savings were immediate.”
—Max, Level2 Member

And your family saves too!

100% coverage for everyone, beyond just type 2:
  • PCP visits to Premium care physicians
  • Outpatient diagnostic tests (like labs and x-rays)
  • Virtual visits through HealthiestYou
Plus, no deductible for certain care services, including:
  • Specialist visits
  • Urgent care
  • Rehabilitation services
  • Prescriptions

How much could you save from the Level2 Health Plan?

Call our experts

(TTY 711)

7 AM – 8 PM CT Monday-Friday
9 AM – 3 PM CT Saturday