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Write It Down: Keeping a Health Journal

woman writing with a pencil in a notebook with a cup of coffee next to her

Journaling, the act of writing things down, keeps you accountable and aware of patterns that work – and what doesn’t work – for you. You can find the Level2 Food & Glucose Diary here. 

Journaling Tips: 

  • Be as specific as possible – e.g., instead of “beef”, was it a steak? Burger? Hot Dog? 
  • Include quantities – e.g., instead of “carrots”, was it 1? 2? ½ cup? 
  • Look for patterns – notice the times you eat or workout, how you feel when you do certain things or what seems to throw you off your usual routine. 

Use It to Take Charge! 

  • Look for cause & effect – e.g., trouble sleeping when you have an afternoon cup of coffee or have a better workout if you skip breakfast in the morning. 
  • Reward yourself – journaling adds accountability to spot areas for improvement, but also to highlight accomplishments and keep track of your goals.