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What is Your Level2 Care Team?

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What is a ‘care team’?

Your Level2 care team includes lifestyle coaches, dietitians, nurses, patient care coordinators, and providers (nurse practitioners and physicians). They are your partners to provide care and support throughout your Level2 experience. Most importantly, your care team includes you, your friends and family (cue “We Are the Champions” by Queen).

Your own provider (if you have one) is a major part of your care team. We will communicate and share what we are working on and how they can support you.

With Level2 Specialty Care, you can meet with any resource on our care team for FREE. Your coach is your main contact, but if you’d like to schedule an appointment with someone else from your care team, just reach out via the Level2 chat. All appointments are virtual.

Winning is about working together toward a common goal. Your Level2 care team is ready to help you identify and implement the lifestyle changes that keep you moving along your personal path to improved glucose control.

Who is on my care team?

Level2 has four teams that support different geographic regions of the United States. Your team will be the one that covers your state of residence:

Care team roles and what they do

Lifestyle Coach

Coaches are certified by the National Board for Health and Wellness Coaching (NBHWC).

Our Behavior Change Methodology incorporates logic, will and emotion along with the impact of mindset/awareness and core beliefs.

Works with me on:

  • Building a personalized roadmap that is achievable through small, actionable steps
  • Understanding my current lifestyle and making long-term lifestyle changes
  • Partnering for success by holding me accountable
  • Providing insights regarding type 2 remission
  • Navigating me through Level2 content, including videos, articles and more
  • Sustaining consistent habits
  • Re-assessing long-term goals

All interactions with your lifestyle coach are virtual. Based on your progress in Level2 and individual needs, you may communicate with your coach through scheduled telephone appointments, online group coaching sessions, or via the chat feature in the Level2 app. Your coach is available to answer your questions and partner with you on your journey toward your health goals.

Digital Coach

Some of our coaches work primarily with members through chat messaging in the Level2 app—we refer to them as our Digital Coaches. They have completed the same training as our Lifestyle Coaches and will work with you on behavior change, building healthy habits, and supporting your wellness goals.  Digital Coaches are often assigned to members that have hit certain milestones in their type 2 diabetes health journey.

Registered Dietitian (RD)

Registered Dietitians are licensed at the national and state level. Some may have additional specializations, including eating disorders, functional nutrition, healthy at any size, etc.

Works with me on:

  • Nutritional education
  • Dietary guidance appropriate to medical and clinical needs
  • Behavior-based coaching to improve eating habits
  • Medical nutritional therapy (MNT)

If you are interested in working on a specialized eating plan, such as time-restricted eating or keto, notify your coach to connect you with a registered dietitian.

What can I expect from meeting with a Registered Dietitian?

The first consultation will focus on your nutrition concerns and history such as: what a typical day of eating looks like, if you’ve previously received diabetes education, or if you are currently following a specific diet.  RDs can answer any nutrition-specific questions, provide coaching and education. Your coach can help schedule an appointment, or the RD may reach out to you directly.

Please be fully present and mindful during the consult by minimizing distractions (like the sound of the kids playing Roblox). Expect to set a dietary goal that you can discuss further with your coach.

Registered Nurse (RN)

Registered Nurses specialize in type 2 diabetes care; they are licensed at the national and state level.

Works with me on:

  • Medication and insulin education
  • Dietary interventions
  • Identifying and resolving medication safety and cost-effectiveness issues
  • Diabetes Self-Management Education (DSME) and self-care goals
  • Troubleshooting glucose data and trends on the CGM
  • Measuring effectiveness of current care regimen
  • Improving glucose outcomes
  • Creating healthy lifestyle habits

Our RNs are ready to help you take charge of your health through knowledge of medications, healthy eating, keeping active, reducing complication risk and problem solving.

Why meet with a nurse?
Your coach may recommend you work with a nurse if you are thinking about:

  • Dietary changes – to ensure appropriate medications changes.

If you’d like to work with a nurse, notify your coach to connect you!

Nurse Practitioner

Nurse Practitioners are licensed at the national and state level

Works with me on:

  • Developing a care plan working towards remission
  • Optimizing or eliminating medications



Physicians are licensed at the national and state level

Works with me on:

  • Overseeing entire care plan
  • Adjusting and optimizing medications
  • Reviewing blood tests and imaging tests as needed

Even better? Specialized providers are available virtually.

Patient Care Coordinator (PCC)

Experience in patient customer service.

Works with me on:

  • Preparing for initial Level2 clinical appointment
  • Coordinate follow-up visits
  • Manage administrative requests from clinical team

Think of your PCCs as your welcome team! They’re responsible for intake and care logistics.

Your Primary Care Provider

The Level2 Care Team works in partnership and communicates with your primary care provider (PCP). We’ll give you personalized data insights about the continuous glucose monitor (CGM), type 2 diabetes, diets and eating strategies that can be a helpful addition to your PCP’s care.

If you already have a PCP, it’s still important to meet with your care team.


Works with me on:

  • Being awesome
  • Feeling great!
  • Eating healthy

You are at the center of your care team! It’s all about putting your needs, goals and actions/habits at the center of your care.