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What is Your Level2 Care Team?

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What is a ‘care team’? 

Taking care of your health is not something you have to do alone – it’s a team effort. Your Level2 care team includes a dedicated group of individuals you’ll partner with to get help, care, support and connection throughout your Level2 experience.  
Like any great team, winning is all about teammates working together towards a common goal. Your Level2 care team includes type 2 diabetes experts, ready to help you make lifestyle changes that can support your personalized path to type 2 remission.  
This all-star team includes your coach, dietitian, nurse and provider, who all collaborate to deliver high-quality care, supporting and encouraging you on your health journey. Care team Level2
Your own provider (if you have one) is a major part of your care team and you can share with them what you are working on and how they can support you. If you start working with a Level2 provider, we’ll communicate your progress with your local health provider.  
But most importantly, your care team includes you! You are the star player on the team. We’ll work to help you understand your needs and goals, and partner with you to achieve them. 
Your family and friends are a part of your care team too. Actually, everyone who supports you in your health journey is on the team (cue “We Are the Champions” by Queen).  
When you sign up for Level2 specialty care you can see any member of our care team for free and all appointments are virtual.  
Your coach is your main contact to navigate between your different care team members, but if you’re interested in meeting with specific people on the team, feel free to reach out and ask via the Level2 chat.   
Required State Notices
Some states require virtual clinics like Level2 to post state-specific information regarding telehealth. Find up-to-date Level2 Specialty Care Required Information by State here.

Care Team Members and What They Do 


Role: Lifestyle Coach 
Our coaching philosophy is based on a foundational Behavior Change Methodology designed by Brian Williams (Level2 VP of Coaching). This model describes the decision-making process that helps people make new decisions and actions that lead to change. 
This model looks at logic, will and emotion along with the impact of awareness and core beliefs, while also incorporating other theoretical models. 
Coaches are also National Board for Health and Wellness Coaching (NBHWC) certified.  
Coaching in text Works with me on:  
As a lifestyle coach, we are here to help you build a roadmap that is personalized and achievable through small, actionable steps.   
The main goal is to help you make a long-term lifestyle change by partnering for your success with you in the driver’s seat. Your coach will work with you on your plan, understand your current lifestyle, your vision and build small steps towards that vision.  
They are also your biggest cheerleaders – giving you encouragement and motivation to help you stay accountable. They give you insights regarding type 2 remission and support you in achieving it. By helping you sustain consistent habits and re-assess long term goals, you’ll co-create your plan for feeling better.   

Registered Dietitian  

Role: Registered Dietitian  
Registered Dietitians are licensed at the national and state level.  
Level2 dietitians have various specialties including eating disorders, functional nutrition, healthy at any size, etc.  
Works with me on: 
Your Level2 Registered Dietitian is your go-to for support with nutrition education, coaching and guidance to achieve a healthy diet. Registered dietitians have the knowledge and skill set to address nutritional needs across a variety of disease states and assist members in moving forward with their nutritional goals.   

Dietitian sitting with fruits and vegetables

They collaborate with the entire care team and partner with you individually to create the best member experience based on your unique needs. This includes: 

  • Teaching principles of good nutrition and providing behavior-based coaching to improve eating habits  
  • Prescribing diets to treat medical and clinical conditions 
  • Providing medical nutritional therapy (MNT) 
  • If you are interested in working on a specialized eating plan such as time-restricted eating or keto, let your coach know and they will connect you with a registered dietitian.  

What can I expect from meeting with a Registered Dietitian?  
Your first meeting with your registered dietitian will be a consultation focused on your nutrition concerns and goals. They’ll be able to answer any nutrition-specific questions you have. The goal is to empower you by providing coaching as well as education on your topic of choice. 
The best attempts will be made to establish a consult time that works with your schedule. Your coach can assist you in scheduling an appointment, or the dietitian will reach out to you directly. 
It is important to be fully present and mindful during the consult, so be sure to eliminate or minimize distractions (like the sound of the kids playing Roblox). 
Your dietitian will ask you several questions to gain a better understanding of your nutritional history such as; what a typical day of eating looks like, if you’ve previously received diabetes education or if you are currently following a specific diet. 
You can expect to set a goal or intention at the end of your time that you can take back to discuss further with your coach. 


Role: Registered Nurse  
Registered Nurses specialize in diabetes care, they are licensed at the national and state level. 
Works with me on: 
Registered nurses at the Level2 Virtual Clinic will help you create a deeper understanding of your diabetes through education and creating self-management goals. They help you understand safe diabetes practices, establish s
Level2 nurse
elf-care and goals, measure effectiveness of your current care regimen, and determine needed behavior change and change readiness, leading to reduction in diabetes medications and/or improved glucose outcomes (improved time in range/reduced A1C). 
Our nurses specialize in type 2 diabetes; ready to help you take charge of your health through knowledge of medications, healthy eating, keeping active, reducing complication risk and problem solving. 
Through education and self-management, we want to help you reduce or even eliminate your type 2 diabetes medications and create lifestyle habits that will last a lifetime. Our nurses will also take a deep dive into your continuous glucose monitor (CGM) patterns to help you make decisions that will drive you towards reaching your health goals. 
Your nurse will work with you on: 

  • Medication education 
  • Diabetes education 
  • Dietary interventions 
  • Identifying and resolving medication safety issues  
  • Advising you on cost-effective medication decisions 
  • Education gaps regarding Diabetes Self-Management Education (DSME) 
  • Troubleshooting glucose data and trends 
  • Insulin education  

Why Meet with a Nurse? 
Your coach might recommend you work with a nurse if you are thinking about one of the following:  

  1. You’re looking to try out a dietary change, like the keto diet – we want to make sure that your medications support those changes. 
  1. Your time in range and Glucose Management Indicator (GMI) from your CGM data show that you are ready for a medication change. A nurse will walk through what that could mean for you. 

If you are interested in working with a nurse, let your coach know and they will connect you! 

Nurse Practitioner  

Role: Nurse Practitioner  
Nurse Practitioners are licensed at the national and state level  
Works with me on:  
Level2 nurse practitioners are specialized providers that are available virtually. They’ll help set and develop a care plan to get you working toward remission, along with steps needed to help reduce, optimize or even eliminate medications. 
Nurse practitioners can also prescribe drugs for type 2 diabetes and for diabetes related care via telemedicine. 


Role: Physician 
Physicians are licensed at the national and state level  
Works with me on: 
Your care team physician/provider will help you develop a care plan to start your path to remission which includes ways to reduce, optimize or even eliminate your type 2 medications.   
Even better? Specialized providers are available virtually. 

Patient Care Coordinator  

Role: Patient Care Coordinator  
All Patient Care Coordinators (PCC) have backgrounds in patient customer service. A few of our PCC’s are Licensed Practical Nurses.  
Works with me on: 
The Patient Care Coordinator will help you prepare for your first Level2 appointment and coordinate your follow up visits. Think of them as your welcome team! They’re responsible for intake and care logistics.  
They’ll also follow-up with the clinical team to manage administrative requests.  

Your Primary Care Provider 

Role: Your Primary Care Physician  
Person sitting with primary care provider
Works with me on: 
Your primary care provider (PCP) is an extension of your Level2 care team working in partnership to support your path to remission and offer you the best care possible. We’ll give you personalized data insights that can be shared with your local provider and we’ll remind you to communicate with your local provider after meeting with a Level2 provider.   
If you already have a PCP, it’s still important to meet with your care team. Your Level2 care team has specific insight into your continuous glucose monitor (CGM), type 2 diabetes and remission – a helpful addition to your PCP’s care. 


Role: You 
Works with me on: 
You are at the center of your care team! It’s all about putting your needs, goals and actions/habits at the center of your care and ultimately working with you to reach remission.  
Is it no cost to me to see providers or nurses? 
Yep, if you have an appointment with a nurse or provider, it is no charge to you. It is part of the Level2 benefit.