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What to Expect in Phase 5: Sustain the New You

A little celebration music, please: You made it to Phase 5! 🎉Woman gives the thumbs up and smiles

Why are we celebrating? If you made it this far, it means you have seen and changed your glucose, and you have specifically increased your time in range and lowered your average blood glucose. Now, you’re merely keeping up all the good work!

The Goal for this Phase:

Keep an average blood glucose at
less than 140 mg/dL or better for a lifetime.

Things to Learn: 

When to Wear (and Not Wear) Your CGM

Handling Stress When You Have Type 2 Diabetes

Tips to Relieve Stress

Improve Your Sleep and Glucose Numbers

How to Use Your CGM in This Phase:


Freestyle Libre users

  • Open the Freestyle Libre 2 app.  
  • Click the menu icon in the top left and select Average Glucose 
  • Select 90 days on the bottom bar to show 90 days of CGM data.  
  • Observe average glucose below the graph.  

See the graphic below for more guidance:   

Graphic for Freestyle Libre screen showing staying in range for 14 days

  • Dexcom users

    • Download the Dexcom Clarity app to your smartphone and log in using your G6 email and password 
    • Select 90 on the top bar to show 90 days of CGM data  
    • Observe average glucose in glucose tile. 

    See the graphic below for more guidance: