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Level2 Guide: How to Wear a CGM Less  

If your care team says you’re ready to wear your continuous glucose monitor (CGM) less, it’s a big deal. You are ready to learn to listen to your body more and pay attention to important cues like hunger, stress and low energy.

As you understand what your body needs and what it’s telling you, you may ask yourself questions like “Will I be able to keep up my habits” and “What might get in the way of sticking with my new healthy habits?”.   

Here are some possible challenges that are important to think about (and plan for with your coach):   

Events that might cause high levels of stress.  

  • A stressful meeting with colleagues  
  • Family visiting for the week   
  • Unexpected loss or death of a loved one   

Events that are centered around food and making the right choices.  

  • Family meals or celebrations where there will be pressure to eat what everyone else is eating  
  • Being at a restaurant where it’s difficult to find food options that work for you  
  • A holiday week (those Thanksgiving meals can lead to spikes in glucose)  

Places where choices and habits might be interrupted. 

  • Vacation (where you’re more likely to take off your CGM – ex: swimming)  
  • Travel for work

Small steps taken over time 

As you work with your coach to wear your CGM less, start thinking differently about the days you change out your CGM. Take it day by day and check in on your habits.  

  • Stay on track with your daily tasks while not wearing your CGM  

If you have a challenging situation headed your way, consider if you will need the extra support of a CGM during that week.  

  • You can also reach out to your coach for support or guidance  
  • Follow the guidance of your local provider for monitoring your glucose when not wearing your CGM  

Building long-term habits 

Do you have a regular day of the week to check in with yourself (maybe Sunday night before the work week or Monday morning)? Use that time to look ahead and plan how you can keep up with your habits.  

  • If your week ahead doesn’t include big life events, don’t worry about the CGM  
  • If the week ahead has one or more challenging life events, start to think about your success checklist or using a CGM  

If you aren’t big on planning your weeks ahead of time, you can also give yourself a schedule for wearing your CGM.  

  • We will send you a new CGM supply every three months*  
  • You can break up your CGM wear over the three months  
  • Checking in is important, and we still want you to wear a CGM, so don’t forget about it completely

As always, we can help  

Wearing your CGM less is really powerful as you’re putting into practice all the great habits you’ve learned with Level2. We hope you can rely more on these habits and less on the CGM. 

We want to help you maintain your progress and will support your continued success.  

If you are out of CGMs and you have an urgent need, please reach out to your care team, and someone may be able to help you get supplies early.  



*As clinically appropriate