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What to Expect in the First 30 Days with Your Level2 Care Team

First 30 days

Set Your Devices and Apps  

Welcome! You’ve made it to your first 30 days with Level2. First things first, make sure you’ve set up all your devices and apps (Level2 app, CGM, Fitbit).  
If you’re having any problems setting up your devices, feel free to give our support team a call at 1-844-302-2821 TTY 711 or submit a support ticket here: LINK TO SUPPORT 

Get Connected with Your Care Team   

Woman talking to her coach
During your first 30 days, you’ll have several touch points with your care team. We want to use this time to get to know you, help you with your goals, and your continuous glucose monitor (CGM) wear so we can support and guide you.  
Your coach is the first member of the care team we’ve assigned to you, because what’s a winning team without a great coach? Your coach is going to be your main care team contact at Level2, and they’ll refer you to other members of the team. If you have any immediate requests to meet with a specific care team member, let your coach know.  
Expect to hear from your coach within 48 hours of logging into the app (you’ll get a message in the chat tab of the app). Your coach will help you set up a plan to achieve your goals along with serving as a support system, accountability partner and your biggest fan! They will also help you understand, learn and reflect about the first small changes you’ll need to make to reach your goals based on your CGM readings.  
If you are taking any diabetes medications, we can coordinate a time for you to meet with our care team nurse. They will get to know you and also help you work towards your goals. Ideally, we want to help you fully understand your health by knowing what medications you’re taking so we can accurately provide support. Your coach will help coordinate with your nurse.  
Texting care team
If some of your goals focus on nutrition, your coach can coordinate a consultation with one of the registered dietitians on your care team.  
Our resources are here to support your goals and these goals help determine which team member you’ll work with – it’s all personalized to meet your needs.  
A few tips and reminders:  

  1. Turn on alerts in your Level2 app so you do not miss messages from your care team!
  2. Your first shipment of CGM supplies will include a month’s worth of supplies. When you’re close to running out, reach out to your coach for your supply refill!

What We Expect from You   

Download and log in to the Level2 app – if you haven’t downloaded the app, that’s the first step. Be sure to reach out to us if you have any questions/ need help. 
Start wearing your CGM – make sure your data is showing up in the Level2 app and reach out to us with questions or concerns. 
Start wearing your Fitbit – link your Fitbit to the Level2 app. 
Respond to your coach – your coach will connect with you through the chat tab in the Level2 app, they’ll also reach out if they don’t hear from you.  
Communicate your needs – we’re here to set you up for success, so don’t hesitate to let your coach know if there’s something you need.  
Talk to your local provider  – your provider  is just as much a member of your care team as we are – so don’t hesitate to let them know you’ve joined Level2! 
Keep track of your progress – Your coach will review your vision statement and help you identify small bite-sized goals to help you achieve your vision. These goals will appear in the app as daily actions, under the home tab. Remember to record your progress daily. Your coach and care team are there to support, guide and adjust goals based on your needs.