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By the Numbers: What to Look for in Phase 4

Phase 4: Maintain Momentum 

What Am I Looking For?  

A 14-day average glucose of 150 mg/dL.

Where Do I Look? 

Instructions for both Dexcom and Freestyle Libre users are below.

Dexcom users: 

  • Download the Dexcom Clarity app to your smartphone and log in using your G6 email and password. 
  • Select 14 on the top bar to show 14 days of CGM data. 
  • Observe average glucose in glucose tile. 

See graphic below for guidance: 

Freestyle Libre users: 

  • Open the Freestyle Libre 2 app.  
  • Click the menu icon in the top left and select Average Glucose 
  • Select 14 on the bottom bar to show 14 days of CGM data.  
  • Observe average glucose below the graph.  

See graphic below for guidance:  

Freestyle Libre phase 4 time in range for 14 days


What Am I Doing? 


  • Monitor your daily average glucose 
  • Journal foods that tend to spike glucose and raise average glucose.