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20 Healthy Snacks to Pack for Travel

close up shot of blueberries in cardboard container

Whether you are headed out on a fun road trip or a long flight, make the best decisions for your nutrition by planning and bringing healthy foods for the journey. Here is the Level2 list for nutritional, low-carb snacks that travel well:  

  1.  Nuts  
  2. Berries  
  3. Dehydrated veggies (fruits often have a lot of sugar)
  4. Canned or pouch fish/chicken  
  5. Cold cuts and rotisserie chicken  
  6. Dehydrated meat (sticks, jerky, etc)  
  7. Fresh veggies and fruit   
  8. Pre-made salads  
  9. Hard-boiled eggs   
  10. Kale chips 
  11. Small, expandable coolers  
  12. Peanut butter (non-sweetened) 
  13. Chickpeas/edamame  
  14. Hummus  
  15. Yogurt/chia seed pudding  
  16. Cheese  
  17. Homemade treats: Energy balls, trail mix, protein/egg muffins  
  18. Protein bars and shakes (but look for low-carb, low-sugar)
  19. Trail mix (make it yourself and don’t include candy)
  20. Water and a large refillable water bottle! You will stay hydrated and less tempted by cold sugary drinks to buy at the gas station or airport.