The key to lasting change.

CGM, activity tracker and Level2 health app available at no additional cost to eligible health plan members.


This is a CGM.

A tiny device that measures glucose through your skin every 5 minutes.


This is your smartphone.

See at a glance how your body responds to what you eat.

This is Level2

Level2 is a life-changing diabetes care company empowering people with knowledge, advanced tools and coaching to live smarter, live better and even live without type 2. Our exclusive partnership with UnitedHealthcare allows us to offer the most advanced tools and support services at no additional cost (or finger-sticks).

Level2 is a new benefit that is already part of existing eligible health plans.

As a medical provider, your data is always safe with us.

Lasting change starts with a CGM.


This is about the rest of your life.

Know what works for you. A CGM lets your body tell you what foods and activities are best for you. Over time, eat more of the foods that keep you in range, and less of the foods that don’t.

A new benefit for eligible UnitedHealthcare members.

A $920 value.

Earn up to $550 in cash rewards.*

Get My Free CGM

Why is Level2 offering a free CGM and cash rewards?

It’s simple. Helping people take control of their health is the key to lowering the cost of care for everyone. We also know that sustainable change doesn’t happen overnight. Our hope is that a little cash can help with the motivation to stay healthy.
That’s it!

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Live smart.
Live well.