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Type 2 remission is possible.

We make it doable.

With Level2, you learn what works for you, one meal, one activity, and one day at a time. With each small insight adding up over time, the impact can be life-changing: fewer medications, healthier weight, and the possibility of a future without diabetes in your way. 


Technology. Coaching. Care.

All together now.

Wearable technology

Know the impact in real-time.

Level2 members all receive a Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) and Fitbit. By tracking your glucose levels hundreds of times a day, your CGM will help you see in real time how food, sleep and movement affect your body — without fingersticks, guesswork or frequent doctor visits. Just tap the app to learn what works.

Personalized coaching

Your ally in charge.

Your Level2 care team are here to help you set realistic goals and succeed. They track your daily trends to provide clear direction based on your data and preferences. Connect anytime for answers and encouragement, as much or as little as you need.

Clinical care

Our whole team behind you.

Available to you are a virtual team of doctors, registered nurses, nurse practitioners and dietitians. They monitor your progress and evaluate your need for medications and other forms of care, and they help you on your journey to remission from type 2.


A pioneering approach to diabetes care.

The status quo of type 2 treatment isn’t working for people. Level2 is different.


  • A chance at remission

    Make changes that may eliminate the need for diabetes medications long term.

  • All about you

    We help you find a personalized path to achieve goals that matter to you.

  • Step-by-step progress

    Perfection doesn’t work. We help you make small but meaningful changes at your pace.

Status Quo

  • A life sentence

    Manage the symptoms of type 2 forever with drugs and invasive testing.

  • One-size-fits-all

    You’re prescribed the standard diabetic diet, medications and expectations.

  • Everything at once

    You need to adopt a whole new routine overnight, on top of your busy life.

Healthy changes ahead.

Level2 leads to improvement you can see and feel. Wearing the CGM reveals insights into what works for you. Then, together with your coach and care team, you can gradually make small changes to improve your time in range. Eventually, you may improve your A1C, deescalate medication and even potentially achieve remission from type 2 diabetes.


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are just a few of the things people frequently ask about Level2.
If you don’t see your question here, get in touch with us.

Level2 is an accountable care organization (ACO), helping people feel better faster by making lifestyle changes to achieve type 2 diabetes remission. We offer specialty care that includes a virtual care team, cool wearable tech and lessons, tips and more available in the Level2 app. We empower our members with a personalized path to remission that includes small changes that make a big impact. 

Level2 follows the type 2 diabetes remission criteria outlined by the American Diabetes Association (ADA).

Members who have a prior diagnosis of type 2 diabetes must be off all diabetes medications, including metformin and have:

  • Four GMI readings of less than 6.5% (with first and last reading at least 3 months apart).


  • One HbA1c reading of less than 6.5%, which is drawn at least 3 months after all diabetes medications have been discontinued.

With no GMI or HbA1c equal to or greater than 6.5% over that 3-month period off all diabetes medications. If you have specific questions, be sure to reach out to your Level2 care team.

Today, Level2 specialty care is offered as a benefit with certain health plans. If you have one of those plans, Level2 is included in what you’re already paying for. That’s why we say, “Join for free.”

The continuous glucose monitor (CGM) is a tiny wearable device that sends glucose numbers to a smartphone every five minutes, with insights on how food, activity and sleep affect sugar levels – which in turn, helps make it easier to make healthy choices. It gives members a real-time understanding of their metabolic health, without the use of fingersticks (yess).

Taking care of your health is not something members have to do alone – it’s a team effort. Level2 delivers personalized care in the form of a virtual care team that offers help, support and connection throughout the Level2 experience.  This team includes a coach, dietitian, nurse and provider, who all collaborate to deliver high-quality care while suppporting members throughout their health journey.

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