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Our mission is remission.

A pioneering company committed to helping anyone overcome the burdens of Type 2 diabetes.

Collage Of People Happy And Smiling
Collage Of People Happy And Smiling

Today one in three Americans has or is at risk for Type 2 diabetes. But for far too many people, the status quo of treatment simply isn’t working. While medication can help, it only slows progress of the disease, leaving people stuck with poor health and frustration for life.

That crisis sent us in search of better answers. Researchers at UnitedHealth Group studied millions of data points for people living with diabetes. What we learned was remarkable: with the right support, it’s possible to eliminate medications and put Type 2 into remission. Level2 was created to bring that promise within reach.

We believe no one should settle for life with a reversible disease. Grounded in metabolic and behavioral science, Level2 provides a life-changing new choice. Our goal: help people beat diabetes and lift the physical, emotional and financial burdens of America’s top health challenge.

Jim Conlin
Dave Moen
President of Level2 Clinic
Tom Wisted
Chief Operations Officer
Anthony DeFail
Chief Medical Officer
Sarah Chiapetta
Chief Product Officer
Will Ferguson
Chief Growth Officer
Geoff Bremner
Chief Marketing Officer
Josh Marquart
Chief Technology Officer
Matt Pioske
Chief Financial Officer
Amanda Oechler
Chief Nursing Officer
Brian Williams
VP of Coaching
Cheryl Sonnek
Director of Coaching
Katie Johnson
Registered Dietitian Manager
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